Munich-born person, NYC-bred actor, and newly dubbed ‘Berliner‘ here!

Started out in acting with a Theatre Company from London and played Algernon in my first full-length production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Then Ralph Mayhew in the Blue Stockings premiere in Germany by Jessica Swale to raise awareness for children’s and women’s rights for equality and education.

Meanwhile, I went after my other interest to study Electrical Engineering and afterwards attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in NYC.

During that time, I got the was cast to act alongside Tom Jarmusch in Detour, a Short, directed by Juefang Zhang.

After being taught by Vincent D’Onofrio I was never the same since he supernova-shifted my universe by teaching me his approach on the human condition in Acting. 

Moreover, I’m incredibly grateful to be training with Lyle Kessler.

convinced by the magic that Cinema can become for our lives, universally.

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